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                      Complete Wheat Flour Mill

                      Whole wheat flour mill:10 ton /24h---500 ton /24h.Cleaning system machines: Sieves, stone & wiresmaterial mover, washer
                      Milling system machines: Mills, double & single sieves, bran brusher, purifiers, etc.
                      Packing system machines: Full automatic & manual weighing machines.
                      We Goldrain produce complete wheat flour mill:10 ton per 24 hours---500 ton per day ,processing soft wheat and hard wheat into semolina, wheat flour etc, used for baking bread, biscuit,noodles etc. The difference between durum wheat and hard wheat is that:durum wheat is one type of hard wheat. it has high density, high protein and high gluten. The durum flour is suitable for doing pasta. the extraction rate for doing semolina is about 75% by our machines.The hard wheat is less protein and gluten than durum wheat.We process it into wheat flour which has a part of semolina. and other flour is suitable for doing bread. The final flour extraction rate could be adjusted according to customer's request .