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                      6FTF-50 Wheat Flour Mill

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                      6FTF-50 Wheat Flour Mill
                      Technical Parameters
                      Capacity 50 tonnes per day : Raw grain wheat :
                      Type Flour processing plant:

                        The 50 tonnes / 24h wheat flour mill as hot sale type for a newer in investing flour milling plant , we update the technology , not only suit for process soft wheat, but also process hard wheat, both can be process at the same time . We add Hammer Mill in the flour grinding production step, in order to save money and flour fineness than before.

                        1. Output : 50 tonnes raw wheat 

                        2. Final products:

                                                              If process soft wheat,you can get :

                                                                           Grade 1 flour: 65-75%,

                                                                           Grade 2 flour : 10-15%

                                                                            Bran: 15-20%

                                                                 If process hard wheat,you can get :

                                                                           Semolina around 30%-40%.

                                                                           Wheat flour 30-35%,

                                                                           Grade 2 flour ;10-15%

                                                                            Bran: 15-20%


                        3. processing step : cleaning section (Vibrating sieve,Magnetic separator,Plane revolving sieve, Gravity Classifier Destoner,) ------Milling section ( Roller mill, Double bin sifter / Plan Square sieve,Purifier, Bran brusher )----Packing section

                        4. Workshop size : 30000*7500*7800 mm, steel structure warehouse

                        5.Installation time : 35 days 

                        6.Production time: 20 days 

                        7.Package scale : 10-25 kg/bag and 25-50 kg/bag 

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