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                      6FTF-500 Wheat Flour Production Line

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                      6FTF-500 Wheat Flour Production Line
                      Technical Parameters
                      Capacity: 500 MT/ 24 H Power supply: 1716.85 KW(including cleaning system 265.45 kw)
                      Total weight of the equipment: 370 T Dimension of the factory: 51300×9000×30000 mm
                      Container: 40'×20+300 m3 bulk.

                        Wheat Flour Production Line
                        The automatic Wheat Flour Production Line adopts the whole pneumatic control, has the advantages of high sensible action, neat and tidy, no pollution to the environment; It can be operated both in separately and centralizer.The Wheat Flour Production Line has one sensible impulse that can control the quantity change of materials to achieve self-control feeding together with the servo system.

                        The parameter for 500T/D Wheat Flour Production Line:

                        1. Total length of the roller: 50000mm

                        2. Capacity(wheat/24h): 500T/24h

                        3. Flour extraction:  to produce grade 2 flour: 72 -76%

                                                                         to produce grade 1 flour: 66-70%

                        Technics for cleaning system:

                        Four sieves, two beating,one brusher two removing stone, and four magnetic selecting.

                        Technics for flour system:

                        Four MMD25/125 mills, Twenty MMD25/100 mills, Seven FSFG8×24F plan sifter series and make up of 4B.7 M.2S.2T and 3bran grinder.

                        Super Fine Flour :


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