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                      Grain Cleaning Equipment

                      The raw grain contains many different kinds impurities, if not remove them, not only hurt the machinery, but also influence the final flour quality.The most effective machine is grain cleaner and peeling machine, remove small and big impurities.
                      • VIBRO SEPARATOR?
                        VIBRO SEPARATOR?
                        Usage: Pre-cleaning for the raw grain in flour processing plant, used for sifting, separating of the large, middle, small impurities from the grain .  
                      • Maize degerminator
                        Maize degerminator
                        It is used to extract embryo from the mixture of the materials.:  
                      • Corn Peeling Polisher
                        Corn Peeling Polisher
                        Corn peeling machine, corn crusher------used in the cleaning section.:  
                      • Drum Sieve
                        Drum Sieve
                        The round screening drum rotates continuously to effectively remove coarse and fine impurities from grains, such as stones, bricks, ropes, wood chips, soil blocks, pieces of straw, etc. In this way, the downstream processing and conveying machines are well protected from being blocked or damaged.:  
                      • Circulating Air Separator
                        Circulating Air Separator
                        Especially designed for the separation of low-density particles (hull, dust, etc.) from grains such as wheat, barley, maize, and others.:  
                      • INTENSIVE SCOURER
                        INTENSIVE SCOURER
                        horizontal wheat scourer is developed for the grain cleaning process in flour mills.:  

                      Grain Cleaning Machine is the necessary part in milling plant, it will remove the impurities from the dirty grain .The raw grain contains many different kinds impurities, if not remove them, not only hurt the machinery , but also influence the final flour quality . So in the cleaning section we adopt High efficient vibrating sieve, De-stoner, Plan revolving sifter, wheat washer, wheat scourer, Damper, Magnetic separator etc to clean the grain.

                      Vibrating sieve

                      To remove small and large impurities by horizontal and vertical slinking movement.

                      Magnetic separator: They are mainly used to separate the magnetic metal impurities from the material 

                      Scourer: It’s very important condition for the decreasing of ash content and increasing of high quality flour to remove the final vestiges of dust, bread, crease dirt and any other surface dirt .

                      Plane revolving sieve: After scourer, we need Classify. It separate large impurities (such as stones earth lumps, straws, paper) and smaller impurities (loose earth, smaller seeds) from wheat by mean of plane motion of sieve box.

                      Gravity Classifier Destoner: to remove the stone and other same impurities.

                      Damper: 1.Keep complete bran: remove the Endosperm from the bran.