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                      Complete Maize Milling Machine

                      Processing raw maize / corn into maize flour, maize meal, roller meal, separate corn germ and bran out . We offer maize milling machine capacity from small mill 5 ton /24h to 300 MT/24Hours. The whole corn flour milling plant includes cleaning, peeling, grinding, sifting and final flour package.
                      • 6FYDT-50 Maize Milling Machine
                        6FYDT-50 Maize Milling Machine
                        Model Number: ?6FYDT-50   Productivity: ?50T/ 24H
                        Flour extraction rate: ?75%~85%   Power(W): ?152 kw
                        Weight: ?35T   Dimension(L*W*H): ?27000*9000*7500 mm
                        Certification: ?ISO/SGS   Noise: ?<85db
                      • 6FYDT-100 Maize Flour Mill Plant
                        6FYDT-100 Maize Flour Mill Plant
                        Capacity : 100 ton maize per 24 hours   Warehouse Dimension (L*W*H): 36x10x8m
                        Weight: 75T   Power(kw): 245 kw
                        Voltage: 380v  
                      • 6FYDT-20 Maize Grinding Machine
                        6FYDT-20 Maize Grinding Machine
                        Capacity: 20 ton / day   Final products extraction rate: Corn flour
                        Corn grit: 25-30%   Corn germ: 5-10%
                        Bran: 5-10%  
                      • 6FYDT-150 Maize Flour Milling Machine
                        6FYDT-150 Maize Flour Milling Machine
                        Capacity: 150 MT/ 24 Hours   Workshop size: 36000*10000*8000 mm
                        Final Products: Corn Flour,Grits  
                      • 6FYDT-120 Corn grinding mill
                        6FYDT-120 Corn grinding mill
                        Installation type: Steel structure   Power: 319 Kw
                        Workshop Size: 40*10*8 Meter  
                      • 6FYDT-200 Corn Flour Plant
                        6FYDT-200 Corn Flour Plant
                        Capacity: 200 ton / day   Raw grain: Maize, Corn
                        Workshop size: 39000*12000*19000 mm  
                      We Goldrain produce complete maize flour mill, is electric maize milling machine, processing white maize,yellow maize into corn flour, corn grits,by-product is germ selected by degerminator and bran for animal feed . Maize Milling Machine capacity from 10 ton per day small capacity corn mill machine type to medium type 50 TPD and 100 TPD Corn flour mill , until big Maize Milling Plant 300 tonnes per day.In Africa, most countries plant white maize , and in people's life, Africans use white maize meal as their staple food , such as Ugali in Kenya, Nshima in Zambia, Sadza in Zimbabwe,Posho in Uganda, Ubugali in Rwanda,Couscous in Cameroon etc.