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                      GR-S300 Small Capacity Grain Silo

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                      GR-S300 Small Capacity Grain Silo
                      Technical Parameters
                      Model No.: GR-S300 Material: Steel, Hot Galvanized Steel Sheets
                      Silo Capacity: 300 Tons Zinc Coating: 275 g / m2
                      Installation: Assemble Silo Silo Sheets: Corrugated

                        Small Capacity Grain Silo with 300 Tons easy to install and save time,The connection between the body and the bottom cone is by nuts and bolts and the frame is designed based on the seismic standards and the load to be placed on the silos.The standard slope of these silos are 45° but is changeable based on the customer requirements to 50°, 55° and 60°.

                        Small Capacity Grain Silo Features:

                        1. Computerized Manufacturing Process

                        2. Hot Galvanized Steel Silo Sidewall Sheet

                        3. Special Designed Upright Stiffener System

                        4. High Strength Galvanized steel Bolts

                        5. Easily installed Galvanized roof&Support

                        6. H-Beam Hopper Support Structure 

                        Small Grain Silo
                        Steel Grain Silo
                        Storage Grain Silo

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