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                      Farm Bins

                      The feed silo is mainly used to store dry powder or granular compound feed.The material tower is composed of the main body of the material silo, flip cover, ladder, column, etc. The material of feed bin is not cylindrical, the lower part is a cone, and the lower cone part is provided with a perspective hole to observe the material level of the feed bin silo.
                      Feed bin is typically much shorter than a silo, farm Silo is a structure for storing bulk materials, Silos are more commonly used for bulk storage of grain. Goldrain Feed bin usually with capacity below 80 ton. It adopt Hot-galvanized steel plate also, assembly the sheet together, complete with loading conveyor and discharge screw conveyor . Feed Silo equipped with ladder outside. Our farm silos are manufactured with reinforced ribbed roofing and drip edge. We achieve an elevated level of resistance to deformations and corrosion.