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                      Flat Bottom Silo

                      Flat Bottom Silo diameter is more than 12m, the silo adopts sweep auger to discharge the grain out from the steel silo. We provide complete storage and installation equipment solutions for grain store.
                      Because of the temperature monitoring system and fumigation system inside the silo, thesteel grain silo easily controls the temperature and humidity inside the silo.
                      • Flat Bottom Silo
                        Flat Bottom Silo
                        Flat Bottom Silos Capacity: 800 ton-10,000 ton unit volume:  
                      • GR-S1000
                        Silo capacity: 1000 Tons   Material: Hot Galvanized Steel Sheets
                        Zinc Coating: 275 g / m2  
                      • GR-S1500
                        Silo Capacity: 1500 ton   Installation: Assembly type silo
                        Silo Sheets: Corrugated  
                      • GR-S2000
                        Silo Volume: 2000 mt   Silo Bottom : Flat bottom
                        Silo Sheets: Corrugated  
                      • GR-S2500 Tonnes Flat Bottom Silo
                        GR-S2500 Tonnes Flat Bottom Silo
                        Silo Capacity: 2500 Tons   Silo Bottom : Flat Bottom Silo
                        Silo Diameter: 15.6 m   Installation: Assemble Silo
                        Zinc Coating: 275 g / m 2  
                      • GR-S3000 Grain Silo
                        GR-S3000 Grain Silo
                        Silo Capacity: 3000 Tons   Silo Diameter: 17.4 Meter
                        Installation: Assemble Silo  

                       The silo capacity is comparatively big and the diameter is below 12m, its base is generally made into cement cone base, we called Flat Bottom Silo. Cement cone base is an inverted cone hopper cast into frame with cement and concrete. It makes unloading stuff automatically. When the silo diameter is more than 12m, because the cone base height is too big, its base generally made into half-cone base or flat cone base. Half cone base can’t completely unload the stuff. Flat Bottom Silo needs to unload stuff by Sweep Auger.