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                      Handing Equipment

                      Bucket elevators are a key component of your grain handling system no matter the size of your grain storage system.

                      GOLDRAIN offers only the highest quality bucket elevators with capacities from 5 MT to 500 MT.

                      GOLDRAIN bucket elevators include an inspection door designed to be weather-tight and make maintenance and inspection easier. We have many options available for your bucket elevators. Size, capacity, boot and trunk type, and cup types are a few key considerations.

                      How can I put the grain into the silo? Use scraper conveyor, bucket elevator  to conveying the grains into the silo. The DTG series bucket elevator has small dimension, big conveying capacity and stable working ability. It is suitable to continuously convey wheat, maize, beans etc which is non-corrosiveness and below 60℃. The bucket wheels adopt encapsulation technology, have big friction coefficient. The elevator installed with anti-reverse-rotation device, when the elevator stopped suddenly, the stuff won’t reversely drop down to the elevator bottom, the belts will not overturn due to anti-reverse-rotation function, it can ensure the security of maintenance personnel.