Our Products
                      Flour Mill
                      Processing Grain (wheat, corn, rice) 10-500 MT per day flour milling machinery. Optional Silo storage, grain Cleaning & Conditioning Section, Flour Milling & Sifting section, Packing Section, Control system.
                      Square Plansifter
                      Key point in flour mill plant, widely used for fine classification of granule and sifting of flour,applied in the purification and grading of semolina and fine flour.
                      Hopper / cone bottom silo
                      Silo with steel cone base, grain can be discharged automaticlly by gravity, standard angles are supplied at 45°and 60°, the volume of conical silo ranges from 80m3 to 1500m3
                      Flat bottom silo / bis
                      Silos are erected on flat base or conical concrete foundations, manufactured with hot-galvanized steel sheets, used for long-term storage of grain, seeds and other granular products.
                      About Us
                      We Goldrain Machinery was established in 1998, it's not about what and how big we are,it is about what we can be and how far we can see.GOLDRAIN Machinery mainly for Flour Mill( Wheat Flour Mill, Corn Flour Machine,Maize Milling Machine) and Grain Silo (Flat Bottom Silo and Conical Bottom Silo )systems, our features are not only provide machinery to people, but venture something new for people always,predictive design and new style after-sell services.

                      We have built many facilities around the world. We provide not only turn-key services but also solutions to improve your existing systems.

                      With a high credit rating I am confident that our group will see even greater growth and scale even greater heights. We are not to settle for less and we are not to aim low.
                      We know actions speak louder than words. But in our case, the words speak as loud as the actions.
                      I would like to thank everybody for taking time to know about Goldrain Machinery a (More...) Read More

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