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                      1000 ton Silo in Brazzaville Congo

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                      A phone let us know each other , God want !6*1000 ton Silo in Brazzaville Congo , store different grains : wheat, corn, rice, peanut, soybeans , sesam. Silo type is Conical silo, steel cone base . Complete line with:grain cleaning system---- vibrating sieve.Transport system: loading & unload,  Bucket elevator and screw conveyor to lift the grain go into the silo and discharge the grain out . Inside the Silo body , we consider the Africa local environment, equipped Temperature control system, Ventilation system, Level system, Exhaust fan on silo roof , in order to keep a good status for the grain .

                      6 projects: grain silo, 100 ton / 24h maize flour production line, Oil expeller , Animal fodder plant, Bottle blowing machine, Water juice drinking line , also steel structure warehouse .

                      1000 tones-steel-silo